Visit to the National Botanic Gardens | Dorset College English Language School

Visit to the National Botanic Gardens

Join us to visit the beautiful Botanic Gardens - FREE Entrance
Visit is on Wednesday 21th Nov (WED) and leaves from the main entrance of the English School (58 Great Charles St) at 13:00pm. The visit will be guided by Brian.

In 1795 the National Botanic Gardens were founded at Glasnevin. There was a magnificent restoration of the Turner Curvilinear Range of glasshouses completed for the bicentenary of the Garden in 1995. A new purpose-built herbarium/library was opened in 1997. Improved visitor and education facilities have been provided in a new Visitor Centre. The work of plant identification and classification, of documenting, labelling and publishing continues, as does that of education and service to the visiting public.


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